Everyone has a book inside them…

…but not everyone has time to write one.

There are so many things to do, with your career, your family, your friends, and possibly hundreds of items on your list – it is difficult to start a project when you don’t even know how to begin.

However, your thoughts are important …

and your experiences are valuable. You know – with utmost certainty – that if everyone knew what you know, and they were able to understand what you understand, that their lives would be greatly enhanced, that they would be happier, more at peace, healthier, and more productive.

When you think of writing your book, you can imagine a difficult, confusing, and time consuming process, and you don’t even know if the end product will be good.

This is what we do.

We know how to take your thoughts, ideas, experiences, and stories and turn them into a well-written and intriguing end product that you can be proud to sell, give away, or simply use it to enhance a conversation. It doesn’t matter how scattered your thoughts and ideas are at the beginning – we can organize them into concepts that make sense to your target audience.

Our staff has a wide variety of experience in language, education, business, and visual and audio arts and entertainment. So no matter what you want to write about, no matter what subject you need to discuss, give us a call or send an email and we can set up an initial interview to see if we are able to take on your project.

This is how it works.

It is a simple process.

One of our consultants will come to you, no matter where you are, and begin a series of interviews with you, recording and taking notes, asking questions, and leading you along to make your part of the process extremely easy. We then begin writing the book, keeping you up to date, allowing you to see the progress online (often in real time). After the body of the book is written, we will meet with you to clarify concepts and add content from you. (In every case, as our customers read what we have written, they think of more to add – more that they want to say on a subject.) In general, you will have a completed book ready for printing in 30-60 days.

Then it is your choice to shop the book to publishing companies, to self-publish, or to let us publish the book with our editing, design, and layout team. When you get to this point – printing, design, marketing, and more the options are MANY and we will walk you through your next steps and the choices you have to make.

Take the next step

Contact us to discuss your options, find out more, or to request an initial interview.

Podcast production

Your voice. Heard.

Our professionals make it simple for you to get your podcast out into the world as fast as you need it out there. We start with your idea and turn it into a radio-ready production daily, weekly, or monthly. We want to help you tell your stories.

The ins and outs

Our team is able to help you through the planning process, counsel you on what makes a podcast great, and give you ideas for future productions so that you never run out of things to say, or guests to interview.

Your place, or ours

We can come to you with a mobile studio and all the equipment needed to record a top level session with minimal effort. If you don’t have the space, you can come to our studio.


The recording process is simple, and if you are not doing a live podcast, we can easily edit out any problem, sneeze, or error and keep you sounding your best for your audience.

Custom audio

We have songwriters on our team, and if you so desire, we can create custom music for your production that will belong exclusively to you.

Advertising revenue, sponsorships

If you pick up advertisers along the way, we can insert your advertisements into the production according to the terms of your agreement with your sponsor. We will also help create the advertisement if the sponsor does not supply one.

Getting it out there

We can show you how to get your podcast out into the world, on Apple, Google, or any other platforms you desire.

Contact us to turn your imagination into a reality.

Reviews & Testimonials

The following is a short selection of books that Matt Bennett has written in consultation with the originators of the ideas. Also included are reviews by those who have purchased the books.

Reviews for Plots, Ploys & Other Cons, Brent Braun

“I could not have completed this book without Matt. In fact, I wouldn’t have even tried to do it. Matt is a genius at taking all my random thoughts and organizing them into creative philosophical ideas that are understandable and entertaining.” – Brent Braun

Book reviews from some of the top magicians in the world:

“This book is basically a grab bag of genuinely amazing tricks, performing insights from a serious pro, and bonkers pranks. It’s really good, really weird, and I enjoyed it a LOT. Also it looks really pimp.” -Phil Smith

“Not only is PP&OC filled with incredible inspiration to make your magic better, it will be the most fun thing you read this year!” -Daniel Martin

“Sure, this book contains methods and routines. More importantly, Brent is sharing his philosophies on how to really do MAGIC. Some of the bits are fun and silly. Others will empower you to not just create memories, but to create moments that will become the stuff of legend.” -Kevin Reylek

“Brent Braun likes to mess with people… in a good way. Whether he’s bending minds in a stage show or warping reality in a social interaction, he’s always putting in the effort in to blow someone’s mind. Plots, Ploys, and Other Cons is full of bold ideas and clever gambits that are as fun to read as they are to unleash on your friends and audiences. My favorite trick is The Paper Prediction Principle: a down-to-earth Confabulation effect that’s dead simple. With a trip to the office supply store, you’ve got a knockout closer for your next stand-up show. The Chair Principle truly rocked my world and instantly elevated my professional walk-around performances. This simple idea is worth the price of this book many times over. Overall, I think you’re going to love living inside Brent’s head for awhile.” -Caleb Wiles

Reviews for The Invisible Man, Daniel Martin

*The following quotes are from people that actually own The Invisible Man.

“A powerful and special piece of entertainment unlike anything that has ever been in my show that creates a level of energy and wonder that is truly special. I am thrilled that this gets to be part of my live show.” – Justin Willman, Host of Magic for Humans on NETFLIX

“I watched Dan perform The Invisible Man at a college this spring for an indifferent, apathetic audience and he just about set the room on fire. He has made this a masterpiece.” – Nate Staniforth, Magician, Author of Here Is Real Magic, Host of Breaking Magic on Discovery

 “Daniel Martin is diabolical. There are subtleties and nuances in this routine that both surprised and inspired me – ideas and touches that were born from hundreds of live performances (if not more). This is a show-stopping masterpiece!” Wayne Houchin, Creator, Host of Breaking Magic on Discovery

“Daniel Martin performs the BEST magic I have ever seen with The Invisible Man; the piece is fantastic, inspired genius!” – Dan Harlan, Magician, Author, Creator

“Daniel Martin’s Invisible Man routine is the closest thing I’ve seen to real magic in my lifetime. Audacious, hypnotic and expertly written, this is a world-class closer.” – Brian Brushwood, Host of Discovery’s Scam School & National Geographic’s Hacking the System

“Daniel Martin’s Invisible Man is a beast! The amount of work & detail that went into this is something a serious professional will be able to create a lasting miracle with.” – Jeff Kaylor, Magic Consultant, Creator, Speaker

“I just finished reading the last page of The Invisible Man and am absolutely dumbfounded. You haven’t created an effect, but orchestrated an emotional experience of fun, joy, and profound wonder for the IM. Thank you for sharing this with the magic community (though you could definitely charge more for it).” –Ben Whiting, Actor, Magician, Speaker

“Fantastic book scripted to perfection with no unnecessary fluff and fillers, and a fantastic routine. This is how magic should be marketed, high prices, for tried and tested scripted routines, just like how magic was marketed back in the early days by pro performers, some who sold complete acts.” – Neil Richards, Mentalist

“Holy $@&{!  Was my reaction the first time I saw Daniel Martin perform his Invisible Man routine. I KNEW what was coming – we’d talked about it at length, but nothing prepared me for the amazing impact that it had as a performance piece. It’s brilliant. It’s so well thought out in every aspect and IT KILLS! I can’t believe he’s offering it to other performers to perform legitimately. I’d jump on this before Dan regains his sanity.”– CJ Johnson, Master Hypnotist, Author, Managing Partner-ToGo Events



Matt Bennett is an author, media consultant for the Magic Firm, a musician, songwriter, husband and father.

Matt began writing as an investigative journalist for a newspaper in Indiana, and as he worked out ways to learn how to tell stories, he also became interested in performing magic. This was a fortunate interest, because it led to conversations that subsequently became jobs, mostly technical and scripting, teaching people through the written word how to do magic tricks and how to perform them.

With thousands of people reading his words on magic and his newspaper articles that many times made the front page, Matt began a quest to learn to write in ways that not only taught, but influenced people’s thinking, mostly with emotional, logical, and philosophical appeals. As these skills increased, he was sought out by more and more people, and the work increased in frequency and project size. At that point Matt decided to take his expertise outside of the community of magicians, and write books for anyone who wanted their ideas, concepts, experiences, and philosophies organized into written form. He put together a team of consultants specializing in education, language, entertainment, visual and audio arts, and public relations and continues to tell people’s stories with the help of this think tank.

Matt Bennett’s fiction has been published in several short story anthologies. His non-fiction writing has been well-received by some of the worlds top performers and entertainers. Matt is a consultant with The Magic Firm based in Louisville, KY, where he works on scripting shows in the industry.

For more about Matt and his projects, visit matthewalanbennett.com